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Online Adult Driver


For Ages 18 - 24

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If you are between Ages 14-17, you can take our online driver ed course Here

DPS Approved - School #111


This online drivers education class for adults is fully approved by the Texas Education Agency (School #C2588)


Bring your certificate to the DPS and immediately apply for your drivers license!


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Adult Drivers Ed
Ages 18 - 24

  • Fully Online
  • Designed for 18-24 year olds applying for their first Texas license
  • DPS written exam is completed online
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Online Driver Ed
Ages 14 - 17

  • Fully Online
  • Approved to meet the DPS 32 hour classroom requirement
  • Complete the course as you take driving lessons
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Parent Taught Drivers Ed
Ages 14 - 17

  • Classroom and in-car lesson plans
  • Parent instructor
  • Approved to meet all DPS requirements for classroom and in-car
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GetDefensive.com Makes Your Adult Drivers Education Course a Breeze

  • Online Drivers Ed Classes for adults 18 to 24
    Applying for 1st Texas Drivers License
  • Free Same Day Certificate Processing
  • Customer Support 24-7
  • TEA Approved (School #C2588)

With our brand new online Texas adult drivers ed course, any new Texas resident can complete a simple, easy and affordable adult driver's ed program that's not only educational, but fun! If you're a busy Texas adult aged 18 to 24 who's applying for a Texas driver license for the very first time, our online adult driver education class is perfect for you!

Our fun, easy, and convenient Texas adult drivers ed course will only take you six (6) hours to complete. Our software gives you the freedom to set your own schedule (i.e.--complete the course at your leisure and take it from any computer that is connected to the internet -- whether you're at home or at a friend's house). How much easier could getting your first Texas Drivers license be?

If you're a Texas adult age 18 to 24, and you're ready to apply for your first Texas driver's license, GetDefensive.com will help get you a drivers license for the least amount of time, money and hassle possible. Best of all, our online adult drivers ed course includes the actual TX Department of Public Safety written exam. That means you don't have to take the written test at the DPS!

About Texas Online Adult Drivers Ed

Effective March 1, 2010, Texas lawmakers mandated that any Texas resident age 18 to 24 who is applying for a Texas driver's license for the very first time must finish a TX adult drivers ed course that consists of 6-hours of training in order to get a Texas Drivers License. Before the passage of this law, Texans over the age of 18 were able to go directly to a TX DPS office and apply for a permit without having to present evidence of TX driver education classroom training. Now that Texas driver education classroom training is mandated for unlicensed residents aged 18 to 24, students may fulfill this driver education requirement online with a Texas TEA-approved online adult drivers education provider.

How Does Your Online TX Adult Driver Ed Course Work?

Our online Texas drivers education course exclusively for adults includes information on highway signs, Texas traffic laws, alcohol and drug awareness and potential distractions, such as driving while talking on a cell phone or text-messaging. Those who complete an online TX adult drivers ed course won't have to take the written exam at the DPS, but will still have to pass the vision test as well as the driving skills test under the supervision of a DPS driving instructor. The online adult drivers ed class is perfect for adults with hectic schedules who simply don't have time to sit in an actual classroom pr drive to a DPS office to take the written test, which can involve standing in line at the TX DPS for hours while you wait for a computer to become available so you can take the written DPS test. Internet-based Texas adult drivers education eliminates the need to go to the local Texas Department of Public Safety office; instead, you can take the entire Texas online driver ed course from the comfort of home using any computer with internet access.

Texas Online Drivers Ed versus Texas Classroom Drivers Ed.

Traditional driver ed classrooms are expensive and require you to spend countless hours seated at a desk. Who wants to do that? At GetDefensive.com, we realize that young adults have busy schedules and our course allows you to learn how you want, when you want and as often as you want.

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